Harvest Festival

Today, Wednesday 12th October the children went to St Faith's Church, Kilsby for their Harvest service.  The church was packed with parents, grandparents & villagers.  Rev Nigel lead the service, and the children all contributed singing their harvest songs and each class made a presentation.  Chestnut class sang a song called 'The Farmer Sows his Seeds', Cherry class spoke about 'Harvest in this country', Rowan class talked about 'Harvest in the Iron Age' in Britain and how they became our first farmers and finally Maple class spoke about WW2 and how farming became the job of women and children because so many men were away at war.

After the service everyone was invited back to school for refreshments (including some very delicious looking cakes).  Each family brought a Harvest gift box into school which was distributed around Kilsby village to the elderly residents.  Thank you to all the parents for your generous donations of cakes and Harvest gifts.